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RTL SDR Package installation failure

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Abdur Rahman Maud
Abdur Rahman Maud on 8 Feb 2017
Commented: Evariste Some on 20 Jun 2017
I have been trying to install the RTL SDR support package in Matlab. However, it keeps on failing in the package download step. Can any one help me overcome this? I suspect it is because the link to one of the third party packages is not valid.


Bernard van Middendorp
Bernard van Middendorp on 13 Feb 2017
Same issue here... B.T.W; I did have already installed all the third party software by brew.
OS: MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 Mathlab version: R2016b
hector trejo
hector trejo on 14 Feb 2017
I receive the following error:
Unable to download Error downloading URL. Your network connection may be down or your proxy settings improperly configured.
Anyone knows if the repositories are down?
Evariste Some
Evariste Some on 20 Jun 2017
Is something wrong with rtl sdr third party packages? I have no internet problem for sure, and I have repeated the installation many times but ...?!? Any advice will be helpful. OS: win7, Matlab 2016.

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hector trejo
hector trejo on 14 Feb 2017
OK, it seems that the original link has died, but you can download the missing file from:
From the Support Package installer choose download from the internet (not install from the internet) when the error appears just add the above file ( to the Matlab support package downloads folder. Then again run the package installer and now choose install from folder.

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philip jaque
philip jaque on 4 Mar 2017
I installed the zip file in the folder you provided, but the installation process hangs up at Installing Third Party Packages (may take a few minutes) stage like the other user reported. The installation is never completed. How can this be fixed? Is it a problem with the RTL software web site?

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