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How to pass a structure parameter in simulink mask to C mex S-Function?

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Hello everyone,
I am using C mex S-Function to simulate in simulink and want to pass a structure parameter in Initialization Commands of Mask Editor to it.The structure parameter is here, e.g.:
CtrlPara.Kvp = 0.2;
CtrlPara.Kvi = 10 ;
CtrlPara.Kip = 0.1;
CtrlPara.Kii = 0 ;
I want C mex S-Function to access the parameter Kvp.Kvi,Kip and Kii. I found two commands,which may be helpful.They are following:

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Lucas Lebert
Lucas Lebert el 4 de Jul. de 2018
Hi Huadian!
I think you already have most of the information! In the mdlInitializeSizes callback method you need to set the Number of SFcnParameters,e.g: ssSetNumSFcnParams(S, 1);
Depending on where you want to use the fields of the Structure you can access these with the commands you mentioned, e.g:
const mxArray *param = mxGetField(ssGetSFcnParam(S,0),0,"Kvp");
real_T *value = mxGetPr(param);
Now you can use the pointer value for your further calculations.
Thanks! ~Lucas


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