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Is it possible to generate Code without the use of the Base Workspace?

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I want to generate C-Code from my Model in Simulink. I am already able to generate the right Code with my Custom StorageClass, but now I like to generate the Code without the use of the base Workspace. I don't want to declare a Parameter with 'Parameter = StorageClass.Parameter' in the Workspace anymore. Is it possible to save all the Information i Need in the Model itself? That when i open the Model nothing is loaded in the Workspace and i am still able to generate Code?

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Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur el 22 de Feb. de 2017
This can be done using a Data Dictionary. You can store all the Parameters in this dictionary file as mentioned in this page.
Then you can configure the Simulink model to use this data dictionary file as shown in this documentation page.

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