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I have mac osx 64 system, with Matlab R2015b installed. I cannot get to install RTL-SDR support package, every time I get an error saying that "usblib is installed as part of RTL-SDR package, do you want ti uninstall it...". Any suggestion pls?

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Robot1707 on 8 Mar 2017
Answered: Ethem on 16 Mar 2017
My system is macOS Sierra 10.12.3, Matlab R2015b. I'm trying desperately to install RTL-SDR support package but with no success. I have installed fresh copy of Xcode and reinstall Matlab R2015b, everything is working fine but no way to install SDR-RTL package, I can though install other package without any problem (e.g. Arduino support package) I tried the installation from Internet, I downloaded the install package to a folder and tried it from there, no way. The error I am getting is:
librtlsdr-0.5.3 was installed as part of RTL-SDR support package. Would you like ti install librtlsdr-0.5.3? If you click "'Yes', enter your 'sudo' password in the MATLAB command window"
And whether i click Yes or No, I receive the following message:
"Error installing third party software libusb: Stream is not in the BZip2 format"
I click Ok and, nothing, no package installed.


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