MATLAB Engine API for Python: changing parameters of the running simulation

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Peter Sabol
Peter Sabol on 19 Mar 2017
Answered: Bo Li on 24 Jul 2017
Hello, I am using the MATLAB Engine API for Python. I have a shared engine in a Python script and then another Python script connected to this shared engine. I would like to ask whether it is possible to change the parameter of the running simulation from Simulink using set_param command. It looks like my following solution does not work. The "set_param" command in the 2nd script is waiting until "sim()" command from the 1st script is finished. Thanks in advance.
Python script 1:
import matlab.engine
eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab()
Python script 2:
import matlab.engine
eng = matlab.engine.connect_matlab('my_sim123')
eng.eval("set_param('scheme123/PID', 'P', '15')",nargout=0)

Answers (1)

Bo Li
Bo Li on 24 Jul 2017
This looks related how you run the simulation. Instead of running "sim", you may use set_parm to star the simulation like following:
eng.set_param('scheme123', 'SimulationCommand', 'start', nargout=0)

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