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Can't launch webwindow content on Linux (CentOS 7)

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BlairL on 22 Mar 2017
Edited: Joakim Lindblad on 27 Feb 2018
I can't launch any part of matlab which uses "webwindow" functionality. Other windows open up and render properly (Simulink, Matlab windows for example, function as normal).
I am connecting to this machine over an SSH X tunnel, so this may have something to do with it. (I do have physical access to the machine if needed).
The issue appears to be just "webwindow" related. Launching the "Get Add-Ons" menu does not result in the add-ons browser window opening. Nothing happens, and sadly no error messages result from this.
Because I'm trying to install the Raspberry Pi support pack for Simulink, I downloaded the support pack manually. When I run the support pack installer, I finally get an error message:
If anyone could point me in the right direction to get this working, I'd really appreciate it.
Quick summary: * WebWindow applications (Get Add-Ons and Install Support Package windows for example) are not opening, or returning error messages and not opening * I am connecting to the box over an SSH X tunnel * Matlab version is R2017A (build 64-bit * The machine is running CentOS linux 7 64-bit.
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BlairL on 22 Mar 2017
I just crashed matlab, I'm not sure if this is related.
Segmentation violation detected at Wed Mar 22 19:36:35 2017
Crash Decoding : Disabled - No sandbox or build area path
Crash Mode : continue (default)
Current Graphics Driver: Brian Paul Mesa X11 Version 2.1 Mesa 10.5.2
Current Visual : 0x21 (class 4, depth 24)
Default Encoding : UTF-8
Deployed : false
GNU C Library : 2.17 stable
Host Name : prod
MATLAB Architecture : glnxa64
MATLAB Entitlement ID: 865510
MATLAB Root : /usr/local/MATLAB/R2017a
MATLAB Version : (R2017a)
OpenGL : software
Operating System : Linux 3.10.0-514.10.2.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Mar 3 00:04:05 UTC 2017 x86_64
Processor ID : x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10, GenuineIntel
Virtual Machine : Java 1.7.0_60-b19 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode
Window System : The Cygwin/X Project (11901000), display localhost:10.0
Fault Count: 1
Abnormal termination:
Segmentation violation
Register State (from fault):
RAX = 00007f746458aff0 RBX = 00007f74880139b0
RCX = 00007f751bd612e0 RDX = 00007f73ef999b80
RSP = 00007f73ef998058 RBP = 0000000000000000
RSI = 0000000000000005 RDI = 00007f746458ae70
R8 = 0000000000000001 R9 = 00007f74880139e0
R10 = 0000000000000001 R11 = 0000000000000246
R12 = 00007f746458ae70 R13 = 00007f74643409a0
R14 = 0000000000000000 R15 = 00007f73ef998260
RIP = 00007f7464586880 EFL = 0000000000010246
CS = 0033 FS = 0000 GS = 0000
Stack Trace (from fault):
[ 0] 0x00007f7464586880 <unknown-module>+00000000
If this problem is reproducible, please submit a Service Request via:
A technical support engineer might contact you with further information.
Thank you for your help.** This crash report has been saved to disk as /home/user_name/matlab_crash_dump.19488-1 **
MATLAB is exiting because of fatal error

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Accepted Answer

BlairL on 24 Mar 2017
Edited: BlairL on 24 Mar 2017
I resolved this. It appears that installing libXScrnSaver and fixed whatever was preventing this from working.
I found this thread on Mathworks Answers which appears to be a similar issue (if not identical):
and ran the commands in this reply:
In summary, install libXScrnSaver and, and run these commands from the aforementioned thread:
>> cd(matlabroot)
>> cd bin/glnxa64
>> !./MATLABWindow -url= --disable-gpu

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