How can i select Target_150​0S_V1_0_gr​t.tlc from Systyem target file of Code generation ?

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Erkin Elmas
Erkin Elmas on 24 Mar 2017
Edited: Christian on 4 Sep 2019
I try to use simulink models in Siemens Simatic Target 1500S ODK plc group. According to "Simatic Target 1500S: Calling Simulink Models" document, i need to select this file "Target_1500S_V1_0_grt.tlc" in Matlab Simulink model. The file is not here ("Code > C/C++ Code > Code Generation Options"), how can we add or see it ?

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Emine Ozkara
Emine Ozkara on 6 Aug 2019
Edited: Emine Ozkara on 6 Aug 2019
Target 1500S has to be installed. At the end of setup you will be able to see Target 1500S as a system target in Simulink Code Generation Options menu. It must look like as follows:
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Christian on 4 Sep 2019
Hi! You can download a trial version of Target 1500S V3.0 here:
Or do you need explicitly Target 1500S V1.0 - which is unfortunately not available as a trial version.

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