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Sending Packets between Two Nodes

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A M on 27 Mar 2017
I intend to send and receive Packets between two wireless nodes. I would be extremely grateful if anyone of you can give advise on how to go about it.


John BG
John BG on 27 Mar 2017
couldn't you jsut be a bit more specific?
and you mean SIMULATING 2 wireless nodes, don't you?
A M on 25 Apr 2017
Yes, John. Simulating 2 wireless nodes. I just intend to start pinging two nodes once they are in vicinity of each other.

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Answers (3)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Mar 2017
There are multiple ways to do that.
  1. You could use a device similar to ZigBee on each end. Those devices appear as if they are serial ports, so you would use fopen() / fread() or fscanf() / fprintf() or fwrite() / fclose()
  2. You could use wi-fi and tcp/udp . You could use the Instrument Control Toolbox and tcp() or udp() in order to have one side be server and the other side be client, or you could use the File Exchange Contribution tcpudpip()
  3. You could use bluetooth; see
  4. there are other wireless devices available that would appear as serial over USB. Some of them might even support Visa drivers
  5. you could use Software Defined Radio (USRP)


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A M on 25 Apr 2017
What actually i am trying to do is to simulate a vehicular environment where vehicles would start communicating with each other once they fall in certain zones (i.e., zones in terms of distances between them). While I have simulated / identified the zones, what I am unable to do is to demonstrate that how they would communicate each other, i.e., (ping one another for collision).

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Apr 2017
VANET can use any of a number of different wireless technologies, including WiFi, Zigbee, USDR, and cellular such as LTE. The first three of those probably come out more or less the same, but the cellular would need very different lower level protocols.
You should probably write your code more generically, such as by having a WhoHaveIRecentlyHeardFrom() function that returns IDs and timestamps (and signal strengths or something like that) that hides the protocol details. Then, the simulated version of that function could examine distances and build simulated notifications.

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Mohmmad Abu Yousuf
Mohmmad Abu Yousuf on 9 Feb 2020
Hi, Good day,
Hope you have got you answer about sending and receiving packets. Could you please share the codes with me.
Thank you in advance.
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Mohmmad Abu Yousuf
Mohmmad Abu Yousuf on 10 Feb 2020
Thank you Mr Walter, yes I understand that and I am also concerned about it but I need some idea at least how to start the simulation.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Feb 2020

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