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How to use a batch mode to import files?

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Hi, I have 3 files named 1.xlsx, 2.xlsx, 3.xlsx in a folder. Now, I want to run all the three files at a time using a batch mode. I have written a for loop code but I does not work. It brings out the first result, but it is failing to process all the three files. However, it does not show any error.It just shows the results of the first file and stops.
files = dir('C:\Users\Deakin Uni\Documents\MATLAB\a\*1*');
fNames = {};
%for each file
for k= 1: length(fNames)
% extract file name
fName = ['C:\Users\Deakin Uni\Documents\MATLAB\a\', fNames{k}];
[XDATA, TIMESTEPS] = importfile(fName);
a1 = XDATA - mean (XDATA);
plot(TIMESTEPS, a1);
[peakvals,peaklocs] = findpeaks(a1, 'minpeakdistance',50, 'minpeakheight', 0.00001);
peaktime = TIMESTEPS(peaklocs);
createfigure4(TIMESTEPS, a1, peaktime, peakvals)
saveas(gcf, 'chaitu.fig')
Thanks in advance!!
Chaitanya Bade
Chaitanya Bade on 6 Apr 2017
Mate, i got you. I found the solution. Thanks!

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Accepted Answer

JohnGalt on 6 Apr 2017
From this: files = dir('C:\Users\Deakin Uni\Documents\MATLAB\a\*1*');
it looks like you're only loading the first one... shouldn't it be:
files = dir('C:\Users\Deakin Uni\Documents\MATLAB\a\*.xlsx');
Chaitanya Bade
Chaitanya Bade on 6 Apr 2017
Yes. I used the following code saveas(gcf,sprintf('chaitu%d.fig',k));

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