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How to calculate value using different matrix using if and for loop

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I want to calculate the value of up5 and down5 with the given condition. Each cell of up5 or down5 should be calculated separately by following the condition. But it shows only one type either std5*2 + avg5 or std5*3 + avg5 and not the combined answer.
b = AXIS(1:100,1) - KOTAK(1:100,1);
avg5 = zeros(5,1);
for k = 5:length(b)
avg5(k) = mean(b(k-4:k,1));
a = 0;
avg5 = [a;avg5];
avg5(numel(avg5),:) = [];
std5 = zeros(5,1);
for al = 5:length(b)
std5(al) = std(b(al-4:al,1));
% a = 0;
std5 = [a;std5];
std5(numel(std5),:) = [];
up5 = zeros(length(std5),1);
for d = 1 : length(std5)
if abs(b) < 14.5
up5(d) = std5*2 + avg5;
down5(d) = std5*(-2) + avg5;
up5(d) = std5*2 + avg5;
down5(d) = std5*(-2) + avg5;

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Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell el 19 de Abr. de 2017
In the line
if abs(b) < 14.5
the condition is looking at the entire 100 x 1 vector b, and the condition is only true if all the entries are less than 14.5. There is no dependence on d. Perhaps you want this?
if abs(b(d)) < 14.5

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