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copy from UITABLE to clipboard not working

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I have a UI table, I used to be able to copy from it to the windows clipboard, but now it no longer copies. I have absolutely no idea what has changed nor where to look for the problem. Any thoughts on where the problem might be?
thanks Greg

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Gregory McFadden
Gregory McFadden on 25 Apr 2017
it actually was some kind of "as currently running" issue. Restarting matlab fixed the issue.

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xi on 25 Apr 2017
You may want to change the uitable property of 'ColumnEditable' from true to false. When it is true, you can edit, but can't copy the whole table to clipboard (can only copy one cell at a time). When it is false, you can't edit, but can copy the talbe. I usually add a toggle button beside the uitable, so that users can switch between copy mode and edit mode. I'm not sure if this is the problem you encountered.
Subhamoy Saha
Subhamoy Saha on 2 Oct 2020
Yes, changing editable mode will allow to select multiple cells but not help in copy the tabledata. Better to save the data using writetable at frequent interval (manually or using timer) to avoid loss of data. What I follow is to save the data as soon as it is updated. But might be not suiatable for very frequent table data update cases. Looking forward for better solution.
I was using GUIDE created GUI for controlling instruments and recording data. Currently tried to shift to appdesigner but it is too slow in calculation, plotting etc. Miles to go to be useful in reallife applications.

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Feng on 10 Oct 2019
i also have this problem with 2019b. has anyone found a solution?

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Subramaniam Arasakesari
Subramaniam Arasakesari on 8 Dec 2020
Feng / Tej,
I have the same issue. Can you share the work around.
Thank you



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