Creating log file for Matlab compiler's created executable

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Hi I am using matlab compiler to compile an application. I want to create a logfile when its executed. Everything works fine, and logfile is created and information from the Matlab command prompt is added to it as well. What if I want to use a variable logfile name, such as using current date and time as a part of the filename. To be specific, I want to use:
as a part of the name so that a filename such as:
is created. The way to create fixed name logfile at run time is to specify it at the compile time:
mcc -R '-logfile, filename.log' ..........
Using strcat options for variable filename such as:
mcc -R strcat('''-logfile,DotCodeReader_',datestr(clock,30),'.log''')
Don't work. I don't want to use the diary option of creating a logfile since diary created logfile appears empty until the executable is stopped.
Any suggestions, please?
Best Regards

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Prannay Jain
Prannay Jain on 1 May 2017
You probably cannot provide the variable in the logfile name while using 'mcc'. As a workaround, create an expression of the mcc command where you use the filename variable and call this expression in eval.
>> filename = ['mylogfile_', datestr(clock,30), '.log']
>> exp = ['mcc -m test.m', ' -R ''-logfile,', filename, '''']
>> eval(exp);
Wajahat Kazmi
Wajahat Kazmi on 3 May 2017
Edited: Wajahat Kazmi on 3 May 2017
Thanks. It does work, however, the point of using the variable name is that the compiled EXE should generate a new name of the logfile, every time it is executed. With the above solution using eval, the filename gets pre-defined. So this is not desired.

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Jan on 1 May 2017
Do you mean:
filename = ['mylogfile_', datestr(clock,30), '.log'];
mcc('-R', '-logfile', filename)
Wajahat Kazmi
Wajahat Kazmi on 3 May 2017
Using the following:
strcat('-logfile,', 'mylogfile_', datestr(clock,30), '.log')
in the mcc function call does work, but again, it fixes the logfile name to the date and time when the executable was generated.
mcc ('-R', strcat('-logfile,', 'mylogfile_', datestr(clock,30), '.log') '-m', '-o', 'myoutputexec', 'mymatlabcode.m')
The question remains, as to how to get the executable call either:
or even a random number generator instead to generate a new sequence of characters to the logfile name every time the exe is run.

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