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how to add a substructure to a structure from app designer

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Daan Decleer
Daan Decleer on 29 Apr 2017
Answered: Chris Portal on 30 Apr 2017
I have a structure in the base workspace(PVGEN.a, PVGEN.b). When I run an app designer application, I would like to add a substructure to this structure (PVGEN.a, PVGEN.b, PVGEN.OPTIONS.c, PVGEN.OPTIONS.d). I can make the OPTIONS structure in the app designer application. The only problem is to add the structure to the existing structure in the base workspace.
Can anyone help me please?
I look out to your answers!

Accepted Answer

Chris Portal
Chris Portal on 30 Apr 2017
Ideally, you would pass PVGEN into the app for it to work on, and then the app would return it via a method when it's needed. Otherwise, you have to use a mix of ASSIGNIN and EVALIN. Something like:
options.c = 3;
options.d = 4;
assignin('base', 'options', options);
evalin('base', 'PVGEN.OPTIONS = options;');

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