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how to crop aportion of an image from in bounding box.?

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oza san
oza san el 1 de Mayo de 2017
Comentada: Image Analyst el 2 de Mayo de 2017
i use open source code in the link to detect text and finally i get an image like below with more than one bounding box and i need to crop each of the bounding box.i know imcrop with for loop can do this.plaese help me?
textBBoxes = [xmin ymin xmax-xmin+1 ymax-ymin+1];
textBBoxes = [xmin ymin xmax-xmin+1 ymax-ymin+1];
numRegionsInGroup = histcounts(componentIndices);
textBBoxes(numRegionsInGroup == 1, :) = [];
ITextRegion = insertShape(colorImage, 'Rectangle', textBBoxes,'LineWidth',3);
figure imshow(ITextRegion) title('Detected Text')

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 1 de Mayo de 2017
Loop over all boxes, calling imcrop() while passing it the rectangle (xLeft, yTop, width, height] for the box.
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oza san
oza san el 2 de Mayo de 2017
Editada: oza san el 2 de Mayo de 2017
Dear sir thank you for your replay!!!i tried the following but i can not get what i want i end up with errors!!!mind you if you can help me in the code?it works fine when the bounding box is 1.but failed when it is greater than one.about regionprops it accepts binary image and i need it to do on color images. if true
for K = 1 : length(textBBoxes)
text = imcrop(colorImage, textBBoxes);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 2 de Mayo de 2017
text() is a built-in function - don't use that. Also textBBoxes should be an N by 4 array of doubles, not text. Finally, you need to have the K index with textBBoxes when you send it into imcrop().

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