File Load Dialog Problem in Matlab Audio Plugin

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This is my first time writing code using the audio plugin class, so I apologize if this is a bit of a silly question. I'm trying to modify audiopluginexample.FastConvolver to write a simple convolution engine VST plugin, but I'm having trouble adding a file load dialog to allow end users to load their own impulse response. I'm using uigetfile as a property value, which works fine, except that it is called when generating the plugin code rather than in the final plugin. I suspect that this may need to be moved to a method so it runs in the when the plugin is instantiated in a DAW. The addition of this uigetfile property has also caused a few parse errors elsewhere in unmodified parts of the original code, including showing the next instance of the term "properties" as a parse error.
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Stephan Moeller
Stephan Moeller on 26 Mar 2018
I would also like to know how to program this. Like loading filter coefficiants

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Charlie DeVane
Charlie DeVane on 13 May 2019
Sorry, there is currently no way to do this in a generated plugin.
As for the property value issue, suppose you set a property's default value using a function:
MyProperty = myFunction(7)
% other stuff ...
In general, myFunction will be called once when the class is loaded into MATLAB, even before an instance of the class is created. It does not necessarily happen during validateAudioPlugin or generateAudioPlugin: it will have happened earlier if you have been working with the class. You can read more at


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