How to use radon transform to find face image's orientation?

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Newman el 5 de Mayo de 2017
Comentada: Newman el 8 de Mayo de 2017
Is it possible to find out the orientation of a face by applying radon transform I mean to tell whether a face is looking frontal or sideways?
Can we apply radon transform and get a range of angles to words which the face is looking at from the reference frontal position? I want to create different sets of images of faces looking at different angles not highly accurate but somehow approximate their Orientation angle.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 5 de Mayo de 2017
I'm not sure you can.
I'm attaching a demo where it uses radon() to determine the rotation of a football in the x-y plane and straighten it. But you don't have that unless the person is tilting their head sideways in the x-y plane. If the person rotates their head about the x-z axis, the amount of skin appearing may not have any relation to what angle they rotated at, especially since people have varying amounts of hair falling down the side of their head.
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Newman el 8 de Mayo de 2017
So then how to find out the head orientation? Is there any simple computationally efficient method that can be applied in my case ? Can Gabor help . If yes , then how to use Gabor for th same

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