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Unable to make parpool work

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Emmanuel el 5 de Mayo de 2017
Respondida: Walter Roberson el 5 de Mayo de 2017
I have 6 scripts that save images in different directories. I am not able to make parpool work or actually, maybe I don't understand how to make it work. To just test it, I wrote a file say a.m, that just had
varA=5 and b.m that just had
varB = 10
I then said
I got this output Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ... connected to 4 workers.
ans =
Pool with properties:
Connected: true
NumWorkers: 4
Cluster: local
AttachedFiles: /home/scripts/matlab_dir/a.m
IdleTimeout: 30 minute(s) (30 minutes remaining)
SpmdEnabled: true
What I don't understand is why is not printing the output? Am I missing out something? Should I make some changes if I am writing a for loop for iterating through the images and storing them?
Is there any other alternative to run four .m files paralelly in matlab?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 5 de Mayo de 2017
You created the parallel pool but you have not given it any work.
See spmd and see parfeval and see batch


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