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Matlab 2016 parpool only connects to 1 worker

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Saumya on 9 May 2017
Answered: Harsh on 12 May 2017
My machine has 8 cores. I have tried changing the number of workers in parallel preferences, tried making a new local profile, tried parpool(8); none of these seem to work. I have Matlab (R2016a). My machine has windows 10. I tried parpool on a different machine with 16 cores and Matlab 2016a, encountered the same problem. On this machine, the validation step of a new cluster connected to 16 workers in job test and SPMD job test, but back to 1 worker in actual parpool. I checked bug reports, and this does not seem to be a known bug. What can I do to use the maximum number of workers?

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 10 May 2017
This is definitely not expected. Please contact MathWorks support to resolve this.

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Harsh on 12 May 2017
Make sure the Parallel Computing Toolbox is installed and licensed for use by running the following commands:
I assume you have run the cluster validation for the "local" profile and have the "Preferred number of workers in a parallel pool" property set to >= number of cores on your machine. Instructions for this can be found here:
Run the following command and make sure the machine has the expected number of cores:
>> feature('numcores')
You can also manually start a parallel pool and configure the number of workers. For example:
>> obj = parcluster
>> obj.NumWorkers = 2
>> parpool(2)
Having verified all the above, if the issue still persists, please contact technical support here:
Please be sure to provide a detailed description of the issue and attach any relevant files / code / examples required to investigate the issue.


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