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error with matlab.wsd​l.setWSDLT​oolPath

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Mario  Vindas
Mario Vindas on 9 May 2017
Answered: Carl on 23 Aug 2017
I follow the steps available in :, but the matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPath funtion display this error:
matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPath('JDK',jdk,'CXF',cxf) Error using matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPath>checkVersion (line 227) The path 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\apache-cxf-2.7.18-src' does not seem to be a CXF folder.
Error in matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPath (line 167) checkVersion(path, 'wsdl2java', 'CXF', '-v', ...
any idea of what the problem is ?

Answers (1)

Carl on 23 Aug 2017
I believe you need the CXF binaries, not the source. See the page here for the relevant download links:

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