Importing specific blocks of rows from file

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Hi - I am trying to import data that is distributed like this:
$ [marker]
[data, 12 columns, ~200k rows] ==> this is the data i want to import after the marker
[variable number of columns and rows]
$ [marker] -- Begins another set or Block
[data, 12 columns, ~200k rows] ==> this is the data i want to import after the marker
[variable number of columns and rows]
================================================ This is a sample of the Data
$ 33, 1.000000e+02 ================>> [marker, ID, Timestep]
2.16774183865960e+03, 2.17155003512612e+03, 2.16743573002462e+03, 2.16360580614394e+03, 2.16346774309583e+03, 2.16053340274031e+03, 2.16167864768523e+03, 2.15753149798806e+03, 2.15897246203298e+03, 2.15326408153715e+03, 2.15120660138186e+03, 2.14757146384007e+03,
2.14513985262235e+03, 2.13873969626383e+03, 2.14152811665221e+03, 2.13484192927493e+03, 2.13228154897046e+03, 2.12820999931608e+03, 2.12566138709717e+03, 2.12126497354156e+03, 2.12263910079983e+03, 2.11778548748744e+03, 2.11746577100915e+03, 2.11491733662709e+03,
I tried using 'textscan' but it only imports the first block of ~200k rows, how can I have it move to the next block ?
Dac = fopen('Rat10m_sat_asc3h2.txt','r');
hDat = textscan(Dac,'%f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f %f','Delimiter',',');
thanks for comments, G

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Anushi1998 on 4 Jul 2017
You can import the whole file and make an another variable by selecting only specific rows
rows=[...] %desired rows
for ii=1:length(rows)
For more help and tutorials refer MATLAB Helper
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Gabriel Cortes
Gabriel Cortes on 4 Jul 2017
Thank you Anushi for response. For this code I would have to identify the beginning and end of each block, which makes it cumbersome. I am looking for a more automatic solution, one that identifies the marker [$] and import fix number of rows below it, skipping the following [not-fixed number of] rows until the next marker comes along in the file. regards,

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