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Uploading file to online server through Matlab code

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Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao on 17 Jul 2017
Commented: Eric Zhao on 20 Jul 2017
Hi, How to upload a file to an online address through matlab code? For example, I would like to upload f1.pdf to an online address called http://mofdms/sites/GMA/Home/Macro/2017/. Thanks!


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Harsh on 20 Jul 2017
This is possible using FTP. After connecting to an FTP server by calling the MATLAB FTP function , the resulting FTP object can be used with mput to upload files or folders to the FTP server.
As a side note, if you would like to write data to a RESTful web service, you can use webwrite.

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Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao on 20 Jul 2017
Is it possible to upload pdf using webwrite? Also how to specify that options? Thanks!

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