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Can the predicted function (equation) created by the regression learner toolbox be output?

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Scott on 21 Jul 2017
Commented: YiHao Zhu on 6 Feb 2018
I have created a trained model GPR (RegressionGP,matern52) and have tested it using the predictFcn. Is there any way I can look at the final equation and associated parameters so that it can be incorporated into c++ code? Or do I have to find a similar c++ library or python machine learning library and try to duplicate my results (using a similar Gaussian Process Model)?


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Carl on 24 Jul 2017
You can extract the final parameters and equation from the GPR model's properties. See the following page:
You can obtain the values of beta, sigma, the hyperparameters, and other properties. Let me know if this doesn't provide what you are specifically looking for.


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Carl on 26 Jul 2017
Thanks for the follow up. In this case, my recommendation would be to upgrade to MATLAB R2017b and use MATLAB Coder. The predict method of RegressionGP will be fully supported for code generation with MATLAB Coder in R2017b. This will let you directly generate C++ code, without having to manually rewrite the function.
R2017b has not yet been released, but follow the link here for instructions on getting the R2017b prerelease:
Please keep in mind that the prerelease versions of MATLAB are only available to users with valid SMS (software maintenance service).
YiHao Zhu
YiHao Zhu on 6 Feb 2018
After I use regression learner and export the model to the workspace, I can use it to train my new data in matlab. But when I try to use matlab coder to develop c++ code, it fail. Really need a video to show me how to do it.
YiHao Zhu
YiHao Zhu on 6 Feb 2018
I want to use matlab coder to let my machine learning model in workspace to a function with c++ code.

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