error usibg cros valdation

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FIR on 11 Apr 2012
i have a code
load fisheriris
cvFolds = crossvalind('kfold', groups, 10); %# get indices of 10-fold CV %# get indices of 10-fold CV
cp = classperf(groups);
for k=1:10
b = TreeBagger(10,meas,species,'oobpred','on');
cp = classperf(groups,b)
but i get error as
Error using TreeBagger/subsref (line 884)
Subscripting into TreeBagger using () is not allowed.
Error in classperf (line 219)
gps = varargin{1}(:);
Error in yass (line 10)
cp = classperf(groups,b)
please help

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