how to label an array having a range of values with only two texts

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I have a range of values in an array such as (1:89) and I want to label them as either oranges or apples depending on a threshold assigned in their PDF??
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BR el 14 de Ag. de 2017
Editada: BR el 14 de Ag. de 2017
I want to create a data set like Fisher iris dataset. But the division of colors should be on the basis of a threshold assigned in the PDF for the datset (as an example 1000 rand values between 1-50).
Like the values above a certain threshold should be labelled as RED and the values below the threshold as ORANGE.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 14 de Ag. de 2017
YourArray = randi(89, 1, 1000);
magic_threshold = 0.01381972;
[uvals, ~, uidx] = unique(YourArray);
portions = accumarray(uidx, 1) ./ length(YourArray);
is_orange = portions < magic_threshold;
cmap = [255 165 0; 141 182 0] ./ 255; %orange; apple green
item_type = 2 - is_orange(uidx); %true for orange maps to index 1, false maps to index 2;
item_color = cmap(item_type, :);
dot_size = 24;
x = 1 : length(YourArray);
scatter(x, YourArray, dot_size, item_color);
orange_mask = item_type == 1;
text(x(orange_mask), YourArray(orange_mask), 'orange');
text(x(~orange_mask), YourArray(~orange_mask), 'apple');
The output is nearly unreadable because of all of the text objects, which would tend to suggest that labeling might not be the best of ideas.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 18 de Ag. de 2017
You generate some measure of the separation, somehow, and then you test it against whatever threshold, creating a mask similar to is_orange that tells you which group each individual item belongs to. Then you follow along with the rest of the logic I show above to display the items and to text() the appropriate label into place.

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