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Asked by Simon Parten on 14 Aug 2017
Latest activity Edited by Guillaume
on 16 Aug 2017
I'd like to understand why this link is not displayed in the help documentation?
function obj = occScenarios()
% < MathWorks>
I would very much like to be able to link to an external source to be able to direct a user toward help.


on 14 Aug 2017
Where do you want these links to be accessible? In the output of help to the command window? In the editor directly? In the doc browser of Matlab? What exactly is "in the help documentation"?
If I press f1 with the text for a class highlighted, I get help.
I haven't found matlab documentation / help options to be particulaly good, or user friendly. Instead, I want to link to an internal wiki for help with any custom objects.
This has worked well where the help is the class or function signature. However, even if one has the object in the workspace (so that matlab knows it's type), and you search for help on the function, no link is displayed. It just displays blank, where in the example below (for the class summary), there is a link.
MY question, is why are these behaviours different?
i.e. I want the picture above, method comments and properties of objects to render links (instead of blank) in their help documentation (by pressing f1, when the object is in the workspace, so that matlab knows the 'type' of the object').

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2 Answers

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 16 Aug 2017
 Accepted Answer

function foo
% <a href="matlab:disp('Hello World')">Hello!</a>

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Yes. This works.
% <a href="matlab:web('','-browser')">Internal Wiki [Display Text]</a>

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Answer by Shashank on 16 Aug 2017

Hi Simon,
Please refer the following Documentation link for more information:
Hope this helps you to get started.

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My apologies, the answer was indeed on this page.

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