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Why do the Stereo Camera position not correspond with the "TranslationofCamera2" values ?

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Goku on 21 Aug 2017
Commented: Goku on 24 Aug 2017
The calibrator app calibrates the stereo camera and output the extrinsic visualization as follows:
Which is very close to my real setup. As you can see from the image. The second camera translation can be approximated at [50 -11 -2]. Whereas the value that shows in my StereoParams object is "stereoParams.TranslationOfCamera2 = [-51.45 0.68 9.81]". Why is there the negative in X axis and other values? This does not make sense. Could anyone help me with this?


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Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan
Edited: Sharan Paramasivam Murugesan on 23 Aug 2017
The values that you are comparing are of different context in meaning and does not correspond to each other. The values you see in the figure are the co-ordinates of the selected point in camera 2. Where as, TranslationOfCamera2 is the translation of camera 2 relative to camera 1 in world units. The negative X value denotes the translation of camera 2 to the right of camera 1 (from the viewer's perspective).
Refer to the following documentation for the same info:

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Goku on 24 Aug 2017
The values in the figure are also in world coordinates(mm). The first camera is in [0,0,0]. So should not the translation of the second camera be a 3-D vector and should be the same in the values and in the graph? (From my understanding from the link) I believe I should be able to plot both the camera positions(in mm) with the "stereoParams" object without using "ShowExtrinsics" and they should correspond with the "ShowExtrinsics" graph.

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