Layers of area plots?

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matteo on 21 Aug 2017
Answered: Carl on 24 Aug 2017
Hi all,
I have three matrices size 10x3, and I need to plot them with the area plot into three different layers, i.e. something similar to the contourslice example ( where on the x-axis and y-axis I would have the 2-d area plot and on the z-axis the three matrices.
For example, I have the following three matrices with an area plot for each individual variable: A=ones(10,3); B=2*ones(10,3); C=5*ones(10,3);
figure() area(A,'DisplayName','HS') figure() area(B,'DisplayName','HS') figure() area(C,'DisplayName','HS')
How can I layer there three area plots into one plot, as shown by the attached pictures for example?
Thank you, Mat

Answers (1)

Carl on 24 Aug 2017
Hi Matteo. I don't believe there's a way of doing this with the area function, which only operates in 2D. However, you can work around this using the patch function. See the example code below:
xdata = 1:10;
ydata = rand(1,10);
patch([1 xdata 10], [0 ydata 0], ones(12,1), 'b')
patch([1 xdata 10], [0 ydata 0], 2*ones(12,1), 'r')
patch([1 xdata 10], [0 ydata 0], 3*ones(12,1), 'g')
In the resulting figure, you can click the "Rotate 3D" button to examine the plots.

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