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Reset Datatip to Standard

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Mathias Dirksmeier
Mathias Dirksmeier on 22 Aug 2017
Commented: Thomas Atta-Fosu on 30 Nov 2017
I am using a GUI with several axes. In some axes I plot 3D data, whereas in others I am boxplotting. For the 3D Data I created a customdatatip that now also applies to the boxplots. However, for the boxplots I want to use the standard datatip, which looks pretty fine for boxplots.
This is how I call the update function:
datacursormode on;
dcm = datacursormode;
And this is how I programmed the function 'customdatatip':
function output_txt = customdatatip(obj,event_obj,str1, str2)
% Get Data
x_axis1 = getappdata(0, 'x_axis1');
x_axis1 = x_axis1{1}; % Read string
y_axis1 = getappdata(0, 'y_axis1');
y_axis1 = y_axis1{1}; % Read string
pos = get(event_obj, 'Position');
output_txt = {...
[x_axis3 ': ', num2str(pos(1),4)]...
[y_axis3 ': ', num2str(pos(2),4)] ...
[z_axis1 ': ', num2str(pos(3),4)] ...
['Legend: ', event_obj.Target.DisplayName]};
When I use the datatip, it gets me the output: Unable to update. Which is undersandable as I do not have such data for this boxplot. So, can I revert the Update function for the boxplots? Or limit the Update function just to the 3D plots? Or artificially recreate a boxplot datatip function?
Your support is very much appreciated!
Best, Mathias

Answers (1)

Carl on 25 Aug 2017
Hi Mathias. A possible solution is to customize your customdatatip function to behave differently depending on which axes the callback occurs in. For example, see the code below:
% ah1 = handle to axes 1, ah2 = handle to axes 2
current_axes = event_obj.Target.Parent;
if current_axes == ah1
% datatip for first axes
elseif current_axes == ah2
% datatip for second axes
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Thomas Atta-Fosu
Thomas Atta-Fosu on 30 Nov 2017
Thanks! I had a similar issue and this saved me!

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