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MATLAB R2017a Initialization, matlabpath/matlabrc taking ~5min

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Marty Sullivan
Marty Sullivan on 22 Aug 2017
Answered: Carl on 25 Aug 2017
The following is the startup performance metrics. Any things I can try to reduce this time?
I should mention, this only happens when a user first opens MATLAB. Subsequent launches are very quick.
MATLAB Startup Performance Metrics (In Seconds)
total item gap description
0.00 0.00 0.00 MATLAB script
1.07 1.07 0.00 main
9.53 1.03 7.43 LM Startup
9.57 0.00 0.04 splash
45.99 33.99 2.43 InitSunVM
62.25 16.15 0.11 PostVMInit
62.25 50.26 2.42 mljInit
66.41 4.15 0.01 StartDesktop
66.41 54.42 2.42 Java initialization
66.43 0.01 0.02 psParser
78.03 11.62 66.41 Init Desktop
363.15 296.34 0.38 matlabpath
365.48 0.00 2.34 SettingsConstruct
365.49 0.01 2.32 SettingsConstructo
366.43 299.84 0.15 matlabrc
Items shown account for 100.4% of total startup time [TIMER: 10 MHz]

Answers (1)

Carl on 25 Aug 2017
Hi Marty. Try these steps and see if they help:
  1. In the MATLAB toolstrip, click on "Home" and then on the "Preferences" button. Inside the "Preferences" window, select "MATLAB -> General" on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, verify that "Enable toolbox path cache" is enabled (it should be enabled by default).
  2. Is MATLAB launched from a local desktop, or over a network? If it is over a network, then the performance of the network can greatly affect the performance of MATLAB startup. See if you can switch to using a local installation of MATLAB.
  3. Are any of your MATLAB search paths at network locations? If so, temporarily remove these network locations from the MATLAB search path, and see if this resolves the issue. If it does, then a poor connectivity with these network locations might have caused MATLAB to start slow.
  4. Do you have any startup.m files? You can locate these files, if any, with >> which -all startup. Try removing or commenting out these startup files, and see if it helps improve startup time.

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