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meshgrid .stl file and extract data points?

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Faez Alkadi
Faez Alkadi on 25 Aug 2017
Edited: Faez Alkadi on 28 Aug 2017
How to meshgrid an .stl file. lets say we have a thin ribbon shape .stl part and need to meshgrid its face. How can i do this?
Thank you


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Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy on 28 Aug 2017
Have a look at the following example -
In this example, a bracket has been imported as a STL file and then FEA analysis has been done to find out the deflection under load. This will give you idea for the complete workflow.

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Faez Alkadi
Faez Alkadi on 28 Aug 2017
hello Abhisek,
This function doesn't work for me because my .stl model is in a ribbon shape which has only two faces. so i get the next error !
Error using pde.DiscreteGeometry Failed to create geometry, the input does not form a closed volume. This may be due to missing faces or gaps in the input.
Error in pde.PDEModel/importGeometry (line 51) gm = pde.DiscreteGeometry(geofilename);
any other suggestions ? and if i can mesh it, can i extract the data points in (x,y,z)? Thank you.

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