How to fit a (left) skewed distribution

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Currently, I am using the following code to fit distributions to my data:
pd = fitdist(mydata,distribution)
x_values = 1:1:26;
y = pdf(pd,x_values);
However, as far as I can see all the distributions offered by Matlab are either not skewed or right-skewed. Hence my question: Knowing that my data is left-skewed, how could I fit such a distribution to it?
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Kin Sung Chan
Kin Sung Chan on 23 Apr 2020
histfit(mydata/max(mydata), 30, 'beta'); % let's say using bin = 30.
However, even though it can produce a fit, the 'beta' requires your data to be within 0 and 1.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Sep 2017
Try fitting the max value minus your data. In other words, flip your distribution right to left.

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