Automatic Transfer Switch Model

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Alasdair Robertson
Alasdair Robertson el 20 de Sept. de 2017
Respondida: Sabin el 20 de Nov. de 2023
I'm on a masters programme at University and I'm currently on a placement where I have been asked to model an Automatic Transfer Switch (both opened and closed) to be included in a larger simulation model of a Renewables Microgrid.
I've been stuck on this component for a while as I can't find much resources on the Transfer Switch relevant to Matlab and, due to legal reasons between the company I am on placement at and the Engineering Consultancy that installed the microgrid, I don't have access to the schematics for each of the components.
If anyone has constructed or seen a similar model or set of schematics which could be relevant to my research, or if they know of any block in Simulink that may be relevant, or if they just have any general advice which may be of some help, I would very much appreciate it.
If any of you have any questions that you would want to ask me to broaden your understanding of my problem, just ask and I'll try my best to make better sense of it.
Thanks so much! Ali.

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Sabin el 20 de Nov. de 2023
Simscape and Simscape Electrical provide the option to model a transfer switch. The easiest way is to use a circuit breaker (single phase or three-phase). The list of Simscape blocks modeling switches and breakers:


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