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Problems with slCharacterEncoding using network session

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Daniel Lemus
Daniel Lemus on 3 Oct 2017
Answered: Chandani Madnani on 5 Oct 2017
I have been trying to use
to change the character encoding and load a Simulink model saved in a different computer in windows 10. Using a local session in the pc I can change the encoding without any issue. However when I log in with my university account matlab takes more than 30 minutes to run the 'slCharacterEncoding'. I have already contacted the IT department for this issue but I wanted to have a bit more information what exactly does the 'slCharacterEncoding' command and how might this be affected by network configurations (maybe some security parameters...).
PS: Even opening simulink takes very long time.

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Chandani Madnani
Chandani Madnani on 5 Oct 2017
This could be happening because of license checkout delays on the network.
Try to execute the following command to verify the time taken for license checkout: >> [status,errmsg] = license('checkout','matlab')
where 'matlab' could be replaced by any other toolbox too.
Once MATLAB is launched a MATLAB license is checked out until the MATLAB session is exited. In general, this also holds true for toolboxes. As soon as someone launches a MATLAB session and then uses a command from a toolbox, a toolbox license is checked out until the session of MATLAB is exited. For example, if a user launches MATLAB and then from the command line uses the command SINC, the user will have two licenses checked out: MATLAB and the Signal Processing Toolbox. Usually, these licenses will not be returned to the license pool until the user exits their session of MATLAB.

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