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Default plot settings for fplot and errorbar

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L. Borrel
L. Borrel on 4 Oct 2017
Answered: Carl on 13 Oct 2017
I found that the default plot settings that apply to plots in general don't apply to certain types of plots.
For example:
set(groot, 'DefaultLineLineWidth', 5);
gives the expected result with an increased line width.
set(groot, 'DefaultLineLineWidth', 5);
keep default line width. The same thing happens with fplot.
Is it a bug or is it the expected behavior?
Does anyone know how to change the default line width for errorbar or fplot?

Accepted Answer

Carl on 13 Oct 2017
Instead of doing:
set(groot, 'DefaultLineLineWidth', 5);
use the following:
set(groot, 'DefaultErrorBarLineWidth', 5);
The documentation page here shows the syntax for specifying default values: 'default' + ObjectType + PropertyName. If you run:
p = plot(1:10)
you can see that p is a "Line" object, whereas running:
e = errorbar(1:10,1:10)
shows that e is an object of type "ErrorBar" with its own default settings for LineWidth.

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