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Compute the first 10 Fibonacci numbers

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Karl-Axel Ruuth
Karl-Axel Ruuth el 13 de Oct. de 2017
Respondida: James Tursa el 13 de Oct. de 2017
Hi, I need to write a code in matlab that compute the first 10 Fibonacci numbers
But I am having some trouble with this. I thought of using the formula defined here:
And I've gotten this so far:
n = 0;
c = (((1+sqrt(5))/2)^n -((1-sqrt(5))/2)^2)/(sqrt(5));
while (n < 10)
But as you can probably see, it is very wrong. But I'm not sure what to do else. The professor wants us to write a proper code, meaning I can't use things like fibonacci(n). Any help would be appreciated :)

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Ahmos Sansom
Ahmos Sansom el 13 de Oct. de 2017
Editada: Ahmos Sansom el 13 de Oct. de 2017
I wrote a simple function attached and run with the loop listed below based on your webpage link.
for i=0:10

James Tursa
James Tursa el 13 de Oct. de 2017
I'm guessing your professor expects you to implement the algorithm that he/she has given you. That is, the next number is the sum of the previous two numbers. So, here is an outline:
F = zeros(10,1); % pre-allocate the result to hold 10 numbers
F(1) = 1; % the first number (MATLAB indexing always starts at 1)
F(2) = 1; % the second number
for n=3:10 % loop to find the 3rd - 10th numbers
% You insert code here to compute F(n)


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