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Deploying with Weka Models

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Albert Rey Ruelan
Albert Rey Ruelan el 29 de Oct. de 2017
Editada: Albert Rey Ruelan el 29 de Oct. de 2017
My problem is that when i deploy my Program along with weka models. The resulting error is that it cant read the weka model file.
Here is the structure of the Files
Contains The ff code
loadedModel = wekaLoadModel('RandomForestK40Surf.model');
The Folder wherein all of these file contains has a structure of
-Folder"WekaLab" which has a
- WekaLoadModel.m
- Weka.jar
When i try to use the commandline function of
loadedModel = wekaLoadModel('RandomForestK40Surf.model');
The loadedModel is successfully loaded but when i deploy it using deploytool and the output is Error reading model file
The WekaLoadmodel.m Contains
if ~exist(filename, 'file')
error('WEKALAB:wekaLoadModel:FileNotFound', 'No file found at %s', filename);
modelObj =;
catch err
error('WEKALAB:wekaLoadModel:ReadError', 'Error reading model file at %s', filename);
It came from . Is there some sort of problem when loading other file extension in matlab deploytool?

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