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How to use User Defined Function in Simulink ?

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Sadi Altamimi
Sadi Altamimi on 27 Apr 2012
Hello everyone;
I have a problem using User Defined Blocks in simulink. I have a simple MATLAB code and I want to create a block in simulink that do the job I specified.
The code defines a DiBit Encoder, that accepts a binary stream of bits, and produce two outupts (I and Q). Where I is the bits in stream with odd index number, and Q is the stream of bits in the sequence with even index number.
Here is the code:
function [I,Q] = DiBit_Encoder(x)
sizeX = length(x)/2;
y = reshape(x, 2, sizeX);
I = y(1, 1:end);
Q = y(2, 1:end);
How, and where, should I put this code in simulink blocks? What is the block name ? and if there is some needed editing on the code please tell me!


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TAB on 27 Apr 2012
You can place yor MATLAB code into User-Defined functions/Embedded MATLAB Function function block. Go through its help doc to know how to use it.

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Sadi Altamimi
Sadi Altamimi on 27 Apr 2012
I try that, and I face problems ..
So I need step by step instruction :)

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