I can't plot two lists as histograms as different colors on the same plot. Hist wants 'Numeric Input'

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Nathan Redman
Nathan Redman on 20 Nov 2017
Answered: Duncan Po on 21 Nov 2017
Using R2017a. Trying to graph two lists (numeric arrays) on the same histogram in different colors. I've written:
idx1 = GSSum > manual_threshold
list1 = GSSum(idx1)
idx2 = GSSum < manual_threshold
list2 = GSSum(idx2)
H1 = hist(list1, 'Facecolor', [0.7 0 0.7])
hold on
H2 = hist(list2, 'Facecolor', [ 0 0.9 0])
Error given is: Error using hist (line 48) Input arguments must be numeric.

Answers (1)

Duncan Po
Duncan Po on 21 Nov 2017
What does class(list1) return? If it returns anything other than a builtin numeric class, that would be the reason for your error.

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