Plotting coverage of an LTE base station

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mark lofquist
mark lofquist el 6 de Dic. de 2017
Respondida: Jacob Halbrooks el 13 de Mayo de 2019
Using txsite() and coverage() in antenna toolbox, there is a place for propagation model. I can only get the command to run if i use ‘close-in’ prop. Model. If i put ‘freespace’ in there, it will not run.
I am getting heatmaps to plot with powers of interest, but it does not look correct at all, coverage extends for 100s of miles. I think this is because I need to add downtilt and a reasonable path loss model.
Anyone used coverage()? Better still, what parameters making coverage() plot a decent prediction of a cell tower (or LTE eNodeB)?

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Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks el 13 de Mayo de 2019
Hi Mark, I realize it has been a while since you posted your question. However, I wanted to make you aware that the R2018b version of Antenna Toolbox introduced the Longley-Rice propagation model and automatic access to terrain data (Internet required), which results in more realistic coverage maps than the R2017b version you used.
The R2019a version of Antenna Toolbox added a couple of other terrain features, including the ability to import terrain data from DTED-files and support for the TIREM propagation model.


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