Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch when cal back the function

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dear all this is my cod
function [Rl] = basisfunction1(j,N)
x = sym('x', [1 3], 'real');
for i=j-1
Rl(:,:,j)=[cos(x(3*i-2))*cos(x(3*i-1))*cos(x(3*i))-sin(x(3*i-2))*sin(x(3*i)) -cos(x(3*i-2))*cos(x(3*i-1))*sin(x(3*i))-sin(x(3*i-2))*cos(x(3*i)) cos(x(3*i-2))*sin(x(3*i-1));sin(x(3*i-2))*cos(x(3*i-1))*cos(x(3*i))+cos(x(3*i-2))*sin(x(3*i)) -sin(x(3*i-2))*cos(x(3*i-1))*sin(x(3*i))+cos(x(3*i-2))*cos(x(3*i)) sin(x(3*i-2))*sin(x(3*i-1));-sin(x(3*i-1))*cos(x(3*i)) sin(x(3*i-1))*sin(x(3*i)) cos(x(3*i-1))];
and i save it in basisfunction1.m and i run my main cod in other m file that is like :
for j=2:N+1
Rl(:,:,j) = basisfunction1(j,N);
but i get this error : Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch
i realy apreciated if some one can help

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 24 de Dic. de 2017
basisfunction1 returns a 3-D array R1. Now in
Rl(:,:,j) = basisfunction1(j,N);
you're trying to stick a 3-D array into one plane of the R1 array. You can only put a 2-D image into the j'th plane, not a 3-D image.

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