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Facing problem whenever try to access Matlab add-on explorer in 2017a

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salman khan
salman khan el 29 de Dic. de 2017
Comentada: Rik el 13 de Jul. de 2021
Failed to load URL with error (-130)
this is the error message

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Jay Vaidya
Jay Vaidya el 4 de Sept. de 2020
Please try to run the following in the MATLAB Command Window:
>> opengl software
And then try opening the Add on explorer again. It worked for me.
If that works, you can save the preference so that MATLAB always opens with Software OpenGL by running:
>> opengl('save','software')
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David Broadway
David Broadway el 12 de Jul. de 2021
The same exact response from the same person has been posted on a very large number of posts. Seems like it is auto posting from some key words.
Rik el 13 de Jul. de 2021
I understand what you mean. In another thread this solution does seem out of place, but here it might actually solve the issue.
I don't think this specific instance should be marked as spam, but other posts could be considered spam.

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