Image Acquisition Toolbox - dual webcam interface

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Seungkook Jun
Seungkook Jun el 16 de En. de 2018
Respondida: Seungkook Jun el 19 de En. de 2018
Dear, Thank you in advance. I am using a dual lenses webcam ( ELP Dual Lens USB Camera) which transmits images from two cameras through a single USB port. The toolbox can recognize two cameras but it only transmits images from one camera as below. May I ask your help ?
>> webcamlist
ans =
2×1 cell array
'Stereo Vision 1'
'Stereo Vision 2'
>> Cam1 = webcam(1); Cam1 = webcam with properties:
Name: 'Stereo Vision 1'
Resolution: '1280x720'
AvailableResolutions: {1×8 cell}
>> Cam2 = webcam(2); Cam2 = webcam with properties:
Name: 'Stereo Vision 2'
Resolution: '1280x720'
AvailableResolutions: {1×8 cell}
The camera did not return a frame for this resolution.
Thank you SK

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Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh el 18 de En. de 2018
Hi SK,
The webcam interface only supports RGB and YUY2 frames(with RGB as the returned colorspace). If you are using a Stereo Camera, its possible that the second camera is a depth camera or something that does not have an RGB or YUY2 capabilities.
An alternative would be to use the Image Acquisition Toolbox and download the OS Generic Support Package, and use the 'winvideo' adaptor.

Seungkook Jun
Seungkook Jun el 19 de En. de 2018
Thank you very much, Madhura.

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