how can i calculate or estimate FNBW & SLL ? here is my matlab code for beamforing .. Im using matlab version R2015A

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close all clear all clc m = input('enter the number of elements = '); d = input('direction = '); signal=(sin(d* pi/180)); ad = exp (-1j * pi [0: m-1]'*signal); thetas = [-90:.1:90]; tm = thetas * pi/180; am = exp (-1j * pi * [0: m-1]' (sin (tm))); A = abs (ad'* am); A = A / max (A); figure, polar (tm, A) A = 10*log10 (A); figure, plot (thetas, A); xlabel ('angle[degrees]'); ylabel ('Normalized Beam Power[dB]'); grid on

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Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez el 6 de Ag. de 2019
Good morning.
You could give examples of recommended values of:
number of elements =
address =


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