Does matlab allow us to analyse the computational cost over a Cosimulation (Simulink+GT)?

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I would like to obtain some stats about the required computational cost over a cosimulation running which links Simulink/GT Power) with Simulink as the master file. I would like to obtain which percentage of the total running time is due to the simulation on Simulink side, on GT Suite side and the computational cost due to the data transferring. Does that analysis can be done in Matlab?

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Mark Schwab
Mark Schwab el 25 de En. de 2018
You can try using the Simulink Profiler and making sense out of the results. This tool is not tested on cosimulation with third party software so it is unlikely that the profiler will contain clear data on the computational cost of this third party software other data in the profiler may be of use to you. Refer to the following example for more information:
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Jaime Serrano
Jaime Serrano el 26 de En. de 2018
Hi Mark,
This profiler works perfectly for my cosimulation (GT-Suite/Simulink). This profiler contains all the information I need concerning the computational cost. Thank you very much.

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