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how to control xticklabel location?

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roudan el 25 de En. de 2018
Editada: roudan el 25 de En. de 2018
I change y limit, then my xticklabel location is aligned with previous y limits.
For example, in the attached figure, original minimum y is -16. when I change y limit to -266. the xticklabel move up to the location where -16 was.
I have been playing with this all morning and i don't know how to do it.
so could you please help me on how do i control the location of xticklable after changing y limits? I want the xticklabel always under the x-axis.
Thank you so much.
Here are my codes
% remove current tick first
I think it is due to datetick(). what does the keepticks do? I really don't like datetick().

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