MATLAB Coder licensing limitations

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Luke on 10 May 2012
Suppose I use MATLAB Coder to generate C code from a function that uses some built-in MATLAB functions. That is, some of the code I generate comes from code copyrighted by The MathWorks.
What limitations are placed on the generated code in terms of licensing? Can I share the code with a subcontractor who doesn't have MATLAB? Can I distribute it at all?

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 21 May 2012
I suggest that you do not rely on answers to legal questions in this or any other public forum. This is a technical forum. People giving responses are (whether they are MathWorks employees or not) not entitled to make legal statements.
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 22 May 2012
Yes and Yes :-)
Still, I have seen users that did stuff based on "someone told me it is OK" and it is one of those examples of "It is not what you say, it is what they hear".

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Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 21 May 2012
Please refer to the license agreement.


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