Colormap gradient on patch object together with a surface object

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I use surf and patch in the same plot but the colors on the patch's face changes when I add the surface. How do I get the entire colormap on the patch face?
patch('faces',[1 2 3 4],'vertices',[0 0 0; 0 100 0; 0 100 10^8; 0 0 10^8],...
'FaceColor','interp','FaceVertexCData',[0 0 10^8 10^8]')

Accepted Answer

Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 11 May 2012
When the surface is added, MATLAB automatically changes the figure's Renderer to OpenGL -- which has a bug in how it does color interpolation. Try manually setting the Renderer to zbuffer:
set(gcf, 'Renderer', 'zbuffer')

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