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How to use limited number of MDCS licenses to maximize usage?

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Viswanath Hariharan
Viswanath Hariharan el 5 de Feb. de 2018
Respondida: Jason Ross el 16 de Feb. de 2018
Based on a few questions I've asked here, I can use 16 licenses to make 9 nodes consisting of 12 cores each to communicate with each other. But how do I go about doing that? I am planning on purchasing 16 licences

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross el 16 de Feb. de 2018
If you get 16 MDCS licenses, you can start 16 worker processes. So the broad strokes of doing that would be that you would put the MDCS installations down on your 9 nodes, start MDCS, start a jobmanager on one node, then start the 16 worker processes how you desire. Given that you have 9 nodes, I'm assuming one will be the jobmanager alone and you'll have two worker processes on the other 8 nodes. It will look like this:
Put down the same MDCS install on all nodes. Edit the mdce_def file in (matlabroot)/toolbox/distcomp/bin to have head node name, cluster name, and other parameters you will find useful. Distribute this file to all the cluster nodes.
head node:
- mdcs install/start
- startjobmanager
- nodestatus will show 0 workers running on this node
worker nodes:
- mdcs install/start
- startworker twice
- nodestatus will show two workers running, connected to the head node.
If you don't want to do this via command lines, you can do it via the Admin Center application in the distcomp/bin directory, as well.
Once the cluster is up you should be able to connect to the cluster from a MATLAB with PCT and validate it with 16 workers.


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