reaction wheel simulation with simulink

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Hi, ihave a little problem for my final project about simulation reaction wheel using a matlab/ simulink. By the way, never heard 'reaction wheel', reaction wheel are modul used in sattelite or spacecraft to againt the action of sattelite body. Im very happy if you want to make my problem little easy to do.

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau on 25 Mar 2011
SimMechanics is what you need. You can just specify the bodies and their relations and it will compute the results for you, no need to care about the equations:
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wildan on 25 Mar 2011
Thank you very much Guy... it very usefull

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Ahmed Hakim
Ahmed Hakim on 16 Nov 2012
Hello wildan
I'm very interested about the reaction wheel.
How did you find the solution using simmechanics...Please Help me with some illustration....... thanks


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