Floating point to Fixed point

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Anish Navalgund
Anish Navalgund on 27 Mar 2018
Hey guys, I have an user-defined MATLAB code (floating point) block in my simulink model. The MATLAB code contains loops, a function call and an arctan function. How can I convert the entire simulink model into a fixed point model (including the MATLAB code block)?

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Ayush Kumar Jaiswal
Ayush Kumar Jaiswal on 19 Jun 2022
To note the workflow for converting MATLAB function blocks into fixed point follow the documentation below:
  1. https://in.mathworks.com/help/fixedpoint/ug/convert-a-model-with-a-matlab-function-block-to-fixed-point.html
  2. https://in.mathworks.com/help/fixedpoint/ug/best-practices-for-working-with-the-matlab-function-block-in-automated-fixed-point-conversion-workflows.html


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